The Electric Flame out May 12, 2017

ViceVersa's long awaited debut is almost here. The 9 song "The Electric Flame" will be released this coming Friday on all Streaming services and at local retailers such as Amoeba Hollywood.

Excerpt from their press release:

The album’s title, The Electric Flame, holds deep significance for the group. When faced with the reality of a name change ViceVersa looked to their biggest influences for inspiration. “Electric” is a nod to the iconic Jimi Hendrix, who revolutionized electric guitar playing with his futuristic style and who started off fronting a band called Jimmy James and the Blue Flames. That Imagery was also referenced by the funk master James Brown who championed a new genre of music while backed by his Famous Flames.

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ViceVersa announces "The Electric Flame"

ViceVersa debut LP is set to be released May 12, 2017. The album will be called the "The Electric Flame" and it marks the trios first official album release with 9 total songs. Long time fans will find plenty new to discover among the familiar tracks.

"That first EP was really more of a demo" says Zeke Zeledon. "We recorded that when we were just 6 months old and barely becoming friends. This album is us captured correctly with all the colors in the right place."

They've released the track listing of the album:

  1. Love The Way
  2. Next One
  3. So Fine
  4. Get Down
  5. Funk Your Face
  6. Love Buzz
  7. Feel yo Body
  8. Core
  9. Head

Ariel Fredrickson adds: "Im still not totally happy with how my drums sound but thats definitely how I play those songs now"

The band plans to release the album for streaming one day early on the 11th.

ViceVersa performs on ABC7 for "Spark of Love"

ViceVersa who is in the middle of releasing their debut Studio LP made some time to perform for the Los Angeles County Fire Department who teamed up with ABC 7 for their "Spark of Love" Toy Drive.

Performing under a huge American flag: ViceVersa thrilled the crowd as they helped fill firetrucks with toys.

Final Mixing of their debut album is expected to be done in a week.

ViceVersa in the studio with a new direction

Since the bands victory over a copyright infringement case the band has pushed through and returned to the studio amoungts the expanding of DaDank: Their Whittier based DIY venue that has already started generating some buzz around the local music scene.

The band has plans to re-release their first two eps on the heels of new singles as they get ready to release their long awaited Debut LP. Oh and they also had another case dismissed this past december. The band is on a roll and have learned a valuable lesson: Time is Money.

Vice Media Ends Trademark Dispute vs. Whittier Band ViceVersa

The public backlash from Vice Media going after Indie band ViceVersa over claims that the musical group was infringing on the Media company's intellectual property forced the media giant to withdraw their opposition.

ViceVersa went on a wild ride as press outlets such as The Huffington Post, Pitchfork, NBC, CBS and the OC Weekly brought a spotlight to the band that saw them get public support throughout the whole ordeal.

In celebration of the victory ViceVersa released a 360 Virtual Reality Music Video for their song "Head." It was premiered on Pitchfork and OC Weekly

ViceVersa return to the Dollhut after Mini Tour

ViceVersa took their punky psychedelic funk vibes up the coast this past week as they made stops in San Jose, Fresno, Medford, and Arcata before returning to Anaheim to play at the Doll Hut.

Encountering new and returning fans ViceVersa is picking up steam at just the right time as the pending Vice Media Legal matters loom largely over the band as they are gearing up for their Television debut on LATV while gaining social media traction on the strength of live concert footage they are releasing.

Rumors are spreading that they will also be returning to the studio to begin recording on what will soon be their Debut LP.

 Live in San Jose

Live in San Jose

 Live in Fresno

Live in Fresno

 Live in Medford OR

Live in Medford OR

 Live in Anaheim

Live in Anaheim

Vice Media sends Cease and Desist to ViceVersa

Vice Media has served a Cease and Desist to indie rock band ViceVersa. Claiming consumer confusing over the bands Trademarking of their name. The Canadian company has sent a list of demands including the immediate shut down of their usage of bands name and merchandise along with documentation of gross revenue under the bands less than 3 year existence.

Lawyers for the band have responded with their rebuttal as the band decides its next moves. An upcoming 5 day tour date looms near along with plans for their debut album.

ViceVersa stares deep into the abyss.

Editorial Edit:

ViceVersa has gone public with excerpts from the Cease and Desist letter:

ViceVersa Rocked the Hi Hat in Highland Park

ViceVersa was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd in Highland Park Thursday night.

Opening the show for a Wild Year record release gig VV had NK RIot and Cold Violet on the bill.

They attempted the song "Core" despite Zeke's fractured pinky.

Ended the set with "Head" and the Stooges "I wanna be your dog" which made audience member Richie Ramone an instant fan.

Next up The Prospector in Long Beach.

 ViceVersa live @TheHiHat   

ViceVersa live @TheHiHat


 Ariel and Sarah pose with Richie Ramone

Ariel and Sarah pose with Richie Ramone