ViceVersa is a musical trio based out of Whittier California. The all female rhythm section consist of Ariel Fredrickson on drums and Sarah Corza on bass while the band is fronted by Zeke Zeledon on guitars. Their songs fully embrace their namesake as they maneuver through genres such as funk, punk, hip hop and RnB . They say rock is dead but this band is here to prove otherwise.

The story begins in 2012 when UCI ART major and self taught guitarist Zeke Zeledon had a vision for a band named ViceVersa. Searching all over LA for the right combination he joined forces with Ariel Fredrickson: a Kansas City transplant who traveled west with $200, her drumset and big dreams to rock. They met at a record store and quickly realized they shared similar ambitions and soon found themselves jamming at a Whittier Warehouse now known as Le’Git Studios. The final piece came in the form of Sarah Corza who was a Jazz bassist that studied at the Berklee School of Music. After a few days of rehearsal the band played their first show at the El Rey Theatre on July 27 2013.

With Corza on board ViceVersa hit the ground running. Within the first 6 months the band played over 40 shows ranging from bars, backyard gigs, college campuses and the Whiskey A Go Go. In December 2013 the band teamed up with Sergio Rios of the Funk band Orgone and quickly put to tape a 4 song EP that was meant to capture the raw essence of the bands early live set. As soon as the tracks were layed down their hunger to play live led them to 2 weeks of borrowing gear and playing gigs in Guam and Japan to end the year.

After returning to Los Angeles they spent 2014 honing down their live set and shooting their first music video for the song “Next One.” Released on July 10 2014, the music video was shot in a Long Beach backyard party and found the band on a psychedelic montage that showcased the bands aesthetics. December 2014 saw the band shooting a live take for their song Funk Your Face that featured Fredrickson on lead vocals that was released in early 2015.

Ready for the next step the band teamed up with Golden Glue Management in the spring of 2015 which opened the doors to work with Producer and Engineer John Avila of Oingo Boingo fame. ViceVersa recorded their second EP titled “Da Ep Vol 2” which saw a much more polished production and who’s 4 songs expanded the bands musical palate while showcasing more mature song writing. Upon completion of the record the band played their 100th show at LA Weeklys Tacolandia and followed that with a record release at their newly opened DIY venue named DaDank on July 25, 2015. They where then chosen as Amoeba Hollywood's August homegrown artist of the month which including a live in store performance.

The record was picked up by local college radio and allowed the band to finish off strong by opening up for Ozomatli in a sold out show at the House of Blues of Anaheim.

ViceVersa opened 2016 with a number 1 spot on LA Record 2015 reader poll for their “Da Ep Vol 2.” Plans to hit the studio and record new music was put on hold however as the media giant VICE sent the band a cease and desist letter in March in opposition to their trademarking of their name. Faced with the possibility of taking down any and all of their social media presence and a complete rebranding the band took to social media to stand up the Canadian company which quickly was picked up by press outlets such as the Huffington Post and Pitchfork along with CBS and NBC. The band enjoyed almost unanimous public support and their music was exposed to a whole new audience. The public backlash forced the media company to withdraw their opposition and the band celebrated another victory by releasing a 360 degree music video for their song “Head” on June 15, 2016.


Drums / Ariel Fredrickson
Guitars / Zeke Zeledon
Bass / Sarah Corza



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